AM (Automatous Monk) Radio

Turn off that smooth 'jazz' FM nonsense and listen to some AM Radio for a change, Automatous Monk Radio, that is. More...

Switched-On Monk

Properly mixed versions of Monk tunes. More...

Greatest Hits

Listen to some of Monk's oldies but goldies. More...

The Well-Tempered Cellular Automaton

Monk has just finished composing his first punk rock/hard bop work, The Well-Tempered Cellular Automaton, consisting of preludes and fugues in all 24 major and minor keys. More...


Seurat is a collection of image processing applications that use cellular automata to animate still images. More...


Leipzig is a Just Intonation library written in Java. More...

The Box Set

Be sure to check out the Monk's box set, containing his renditions of all 256 elementary rules.

Automatous Monk Installation

The following applications can be installed and run as Java webstart applications:

After you have run a Java Web Start application once or more from the webpage, you will be able to run it without the webpage by running the Java Web Start Application manager. If you are running on a Windows platform, you can use the Java Web Start Application manager to make a short cut on your desktop.

Don't have JWS? Download it on

User's Manual

The User's Manual is available online.

Automatous Monk was programmed by Paul Reiners.

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