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Automatous Monk: The Well-Tempered Cellular Automaton

Automatous Monk considers this to be his best work yet. He describes it as being, "about 9/10 hard bop, and 1/10 80s hard-core; maybe 'insistent' would be the best word for this new record. Or, 'relentless', maybe".

The fugues are not true fugues (they're tunes generated by applying the particular rule to a random initial state); I asked Monk about this.

"Yes, I realize that," he said, sounding slightly irritated, "but then Chopin's Preludes weren't actually Preludes to anything, either, were they? But one of these really is a fugue; I'll let you figure out which one. 'Quaerendo invenietis'."


"Nevermind," said the Monk cryptically and left the room.

Monk is now enjoying a well-deserved rest and relaxing with his old friend Charlie P. at the fine facilities they have in Camarillo, California.

Automatous Monk was programmed by Paul Reiners.

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